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TENSION-IT is a modular display system allowing the assembly of virtually any three-dimensional skeletal aluminium structures, which are easily clad in printed fabrics, or rigid, decorative panels.
Unlike many conventional displays, TENSION-IT displays can be expanded, contracted and continually reconfigured to meet ever-changing display requirements.
The heart of the TENSION-IT fabric display system is the unique self-tensioning device. This small, self-contained spring-loaded unit ensures that your fabric graphics won’t slip, slide or start curling in their corners. The TENSION-IT system also allows owners to change their graphics as often as they’d like to - simply release and replace the existing fabric and snap the new one into place, or swap it for a rigid, decorated board panel with display hooks and shelving.
For temporary displays, the entire TENSION-IT system can be packed away into a portable carry case.
TENSION-IT is virtually invisible when in use. Viewers don’t see display hardware - they see brand and message via large, vibrant graphics. Best of all, system owners don’t need specialist skills or any tools to build a TENSION-IT display.

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